As reported a couple of days ago, the Tigers had reached a 9-year deal with slugging first baseman Prince Fielder for $214 million. It was made official today as the son of former Tiger Cecil Fielder appeared in Detroit and tried on the Olde English "D" of the Tigers at a press conference.


Tiger owner Mike Illitch had his eye on young Prince when he was just a boy. At age 12, he was reaching the seats at old Tiger Stadium while other kids his age were playing Little League. Prince Fielder is a Tiger now, and Miguel Cabrera, the American League Batting Champion of 2011 looks like he is moving over to play 3rd base.

Cabrera played 3rd before coming to Detroit, and considers it his natural position. It remains to be seen if Miguel will try to slim down a bit to have more mobility on the hot corner. At the press conference, Fielder was accompanied by his wife and two sons. If either of them can hit (it does seem to run in the family), Mr. Illitch might want to get them under contract as soon as it's legal.