Yesterday morning with Rod and Steph, I had the opportunity to have a reading from Maureen Hancock who is in town this evening as part of her "Postcards From Heaven" tour. I'll admit I was curious about what she would say, but I never expected the impact her reading would have on me. It was like I got one of those "Postcards" and it gave me a feeling of real closure about the passing of my father.


My dad was the first 'voice' she heard, telling me it was a "strong, male voice". She said she felt he had been gone a long time, like 30 years or so, when in fact it had been almost 46 years. She asked me if I was with him at his passing and I responded that I wasn't. I was, in fact, in Texas and he and my mom were on their way to visit me, when he suffered a massive heart attack. He was in a coma for a week and never regained consciousness before passing. The last time I saw him alive was when I boarded a bus to head to Texas after joining the USAF. Maureen also told me she saw a "folded flag" and asked if he had been in the military, and yes he had. He spent almost 6 years in the Marine Corps during the Korean War. She asked about the letter "J" - his name was Jack.

It seems that my mother also communicated with Maureen, telling her to make sure I spoke with my father. In fact, it sounded to Maureen that my mother was very determined about it, which is something that would be part of her character.

Maureen relayed how proud my father was of me, and it felt like my folks and I were all in the same room. I was totally overwhelmed with the things she knew, and it turned out to be an amazing experience.

Surely, a "Postcard From Heaven" could be in your future too. I hope you can join us tonight at Carmen-Ainsworth Auditorium. Doors open at 6pm and the two-hour show begins at 7pm. Tickets are $29 -- you can purchase them by clicking here or at the door.