The death of a man in Oklahoma has the police scracthing their head for how it happened. Danny Vanzandt,65, was home alone when he died. One of the possibilities that law enforcement is considering is "spontaneous combustion" according to Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart.

Spontaneous human combustion means that a person's body lights on fire without an external source of ignition. There have been about 200 documented cases reported worldwide. Vanzandt's body was discovered in the kitchen and an analysis claimed it had burned for up to 10 hours. There was no apparent struggle and nothing around Vanzandt in the kitchen was burned.

Sheriff Lockhart claimed, "There was no damage to the furniture or anything around the fire, so it was a low-heat fire. ... The body is burned, incinerated, like I’ve never seen before and it’s some kind of chemical reaction or something."

I've never heard of a person dying from "spontaneous combustion", but this case offers it as a real possibility.