April 2nd is "National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day," a day to celebrate the iconic American lunch staple. Personally, I eat a PB&J sandwich just about every day, unless I make a meatloaf. Find out more about this wacky holiday!

Legend has it that the PB&J became popular during World War II, when soldiers would mix their rations of peanut butter and jelly to create a new treat. When they got back home, sales of peanut butter and jelly soared.

George Washington Carver is largely credited for creating peanut butter, which most of us know as a tasty, low-cost source of protein. Combined with jelly and bread, you have a protein and carbohydrate packed meal which you can put in your lunchbox or even your pocket.

All you need is: 1. Bread, 2. Peanut Butter, 3. Jelly.

Some people like to grill them or fry them. I sometimes like to add potato chips or slices of green pepper. Some prefer smooth, some like crunchy. And jelly comes in so many different styles and flavors!