Most of of us end up over eating on Thanksgiving. It's normal to want to include your pet in the celebration. Not a good idea. Here are seven-tips to help you keep your pet safe during this foodie holiday.

1. Plain turkey in small quantities may be OK for a pet. Most pets do not tolerate spicy seasonings very well or large quantity of food. So giving the dog a sampling of everything on the human menu should be avoided.

2. Food high in fat such as the skin of the bird can cause inflammation in dogs.

3. Make sure to dispose of turkey bones where the pet cannot get to it. These bones will splinter when chewed. Bones can get caught in a pet's esophagus or intestinal track. Could be life-threatening.

4. Rancid food is full of bacteria and can make a pet very sick, so make sure garbage is not accessible to the pet.

5. Turkey stuffing may contain onions, garlic or raisins. All toxic to dogs. Also included on the list is bread dough, grapes, chocolate and avocados.

6. Remind guests not to offer table scraps or appetizers to the dog.

7. Manage children and pets. The excitement of the holiday can get the best of anyone.