GameStop announced this week that it will close its physical stores on Thanksgiving Day this year, as oppose to remaining open or opening early for Black Friday.

They join Staples, who announced last month that they will also be closed on Thanksgiving to allow their employees adequate time with family.

Many stores over the past few years have opted to "open early" or just never close on Thanksgiving, due to competitive sales. It's called the "Black Friday Creep." To stay competitive, GameStop will offer special deals online on Thanksgiving, but they won't open until 5 AM on Black Friday.

“We believe strongly that our customers and associates should have the opportunity to spend the Thanksgiving holiday relaxing with family and friends, and not worrying with the stress of where to find the best shopping deals. We know this is in stark contrast to what many other retailers are doing, but we are taking a stance to protect family time during this important holiday," said the executive vice president in a statement.

I can't express how happy this makes me! As a former retail employee myself, nothing goes against the meaning of Thanksgiving more than shopping. So happy that these retailers are giving employees the day off!