A Florida daycare worker has been let go from her job after saving a group of kids from a fire.

Michelle Hammack was working at a Jacksonville, Florida daycare when she walked into the kitchen and noticed flames coming from the oven. She went back into her classroom, woke up the kids who had been napping and led them outside to safety. Wanting to make sure no kids had been left behind, Hammack went back into the building, realized the blaze was small enough for her to handle and put it out before firemen arrived to the scene.

The next day when Hammack went to work where she was given her walking papers by Little Temples daycare owner Olga Rozhaov who said she let Hammack go because she had left the room while the kids were sleeping. Rozhaov added she would do the same thing again saying "if anybody else does the same thing, I will fire again. I will fire them. No question.” Maybe she should have thought better about her wording.

Hammack says she has been given the shaft by being fired. Watch her interview below with a Jacksonville television station and then tell us what you think. Was the school justified in letting her go?