Last Sunday, 6-year old Kenzie Rose was viciously attacked by a neighbor's pit bull and suffered injuries including large lacerations to the face. It's a heart-breaking story, but your generosity could help the family turn it into one of hope.

Last Sunday (March 30), little Kenzie was playing in her fenced-in backyard in Flint when she was viciously attacked by a neighbor's dog. She was immediately rushed to the Emergency Room and had to undergo extensive surgery to repair her injuries, the worst of which being a 8 inch by 2 inch laceration running from her temple to her mouth.

Kenzie is the middle-child of five kids and while the family does have health insurance, but the pricey deductible is too much for them to handle at the moment. So if you have a few dollars to spare and can find it in your heart to do so, you can click here and donate to her family and get more details and updates on her condition. Also, please share this story if think you know anyone who can do something that will help.