Today is "Motown Monday & More" on the Cars Classic Lunch. If you love the sound of Motown like I do, then you could probably make a list of your favorites too. It's a lot harder than it looks deciding which five make the list. But, here are my picks:

  • 1

    Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology Song)

    Marvin Gaye

    This one tops my list of favorites from the Motown label. It's a social statement done to the amazing vocals and music of Marvin Gaye. Picking it at number one from all the Motown hits was not an easy task!

  • 2

    Reach Out I'll Be There

    The Four Tops

    All you have to hear is the opening of this soulful ballad to fall in love with it. The Four Tops were always one om favorite Motown groups.

  • 3

    Get Ready

    This is one song that simply makes me crank the volume. I keep a copy of this in my car CD player for those times when you put the wind in your hair and drive and sing as loud as you want!

  • 4

    What's Goin' On

    Mrvin Gaye

    Another Marvin Gaye song makes my list. This song features the background voices of two former Detroit Lion greats, Mel Farr and Lem Barney. They were in the studio with Marvin on the evening they made this version. It is from them that we get the "Right on brother, right on" through the song.

  • 5

    I Wish It Would rain


    This is my second Temptations song to make the Top 5. This is just a fantastic ballad that I have grown to love over the years. The most surprising thing to me about my list is that neither The Supremes, or Smokey Robinson made the Top 5 list, cause I love so much of their music too!