Eric Lee Ramsey, the man accused of abducting and raping a student at Central Michigan University, predicted on his Facebook page that he was about to be shot, just before he was killed by police.

"Well folkes im about to get shot. Peace" [sic] read Ramsey's status. At the time of this writing, Ramsey's Facebook page is still public.

Some of the comments indicated that many of his friends thought it was a joke, then realized what was happening. "Ya I thought he was just kidding but I guess not," wrote one friend. Some offered prayers for his family, as well as the victim's family. Others expressed disbelief, noting how much the man they supposedly knew had changed.

Police shot and killed Ramsey at approximately 4 am Thursday, after he abducted the CMU student in the parking lot of the Student Activity Center around 9:30 Wednesday night. She managed to escape, running to a nearby house for help.

- George McIntyre
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