I've never understood the attraction to eggnog. Every holiday season you see shelves lined with it at the stores. Who buys this stuff? I know that some people must like it, but it has never been on my Christmas wish list. Eggnog is something we like to have around the holidays, not because it’s our favorite drink, but just because of tradition. However, it turns out that more people actually like the drink than dislike it.

That is a real surprise to me!

According to a new survey from Poll Position, a plurality of 44 percent of the poll’s 1,024 respondents gave eggnog the thumbs up when asked if they like its taste. Thirty-four percent don’t like the drink, seven percent said they’ve never had it, and 10 percent had no opinion on eggnog’s taste.

The survey results suggest this sweetened dairy drink may be an acquired taste. The age group most likely to say they enjoy eggnog was the 65-and-over demographic.

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