I got a call this afternoon from a listener asking if I had heard anything about an earthquake.  She said she was at Hurley and the building was just shaking and shifting.  Turns out, it was an earthquake in Virginia near Washington D.C.

Initially thought to be a 5.8, now upgraded to a 5.9, the quake's epicenter was in Mineral, Virginia.  It prompted the evacuation of parts of New York City and the Pentagon.  Cell phone service has been disrupted in New York.

People have reported feeling the tremors in Cleveland, Toronto, and even here in Flint.  Two nuclear reactors were shut down near the epicenter, and damage was reported at the National Cathedral.  Flights were halted at several airports along the east coast, as control towers were evacuated.  There are also reports of natural gas leaks and power outages.  Aftershocks are still being felt near the epicenter.

Follow coverage from CNN here.