Today is Cuddle Up Day which means you should find someone to cozy up with. It's unusually warm today, but it's still okay to snuggle with that special someone. There really isn't any history as to why today is Cuddle Up day, but you can get some creative tips with what you can do today after the jump.

Here's what you should do with your sweetie today:

-Cuddle up with your cutie

-Snuggle with your sweetie

-Hug your honey

Here's what you can do if you don't have an actual person to cuddle with:

-Get a boyfriend pillow and snuggle with it

-Hug your carebear throughout the day

-Cuddle up on your favorite chair or couch

-Cuddle up to a good book

-Snuggle with your pet

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you today. Either way, have a great day!