Last year, over 1200 people trained for a Crim Festival of Races event through the Crim Training Program and nearly every one succeeded.  That's a pretty impressive track record.  If you've ever thought about running The Crim, your chances of success go up greatly if you train with other people of similar ability.  Group members form a bond and friendships that last long after the race is run.  It doesn't matter if you have never run before, or if you want to get faster and stronger, there is a Crim training group for you.  The program begins the week of May 9th and lasts 15 weeks.  You can do this!  The 35th running of the Crim Festival of Races takes place Saturday, August 27th.  Whether you want to run with the Kenyans or walk with your neighbor Ken, there's a training program for you.  Get details and sign up at