A couple from New York who just moved to Flint was robbed and shot at, within 24 hours of living here. According to ABC-12, the couple thought Michigan would be a nice place to move to. They drove a bus here and while they were trying to move into their home, a few guys approached them.

John Poupore, who suffers from Parkinson's bought a house online on Baltimore for $1600. He said a couple of guys came up to him and started asking questions:

'"They came up behind me, pulled a gun out, sifted through my pockets, found my keys, and then I decided to run. Every time you turn your back, people are stealing your stuff.'"

John and his girlfriend don't want to stay now and they've been contacting agencies to try to get some help. If you can provide any assistance, you can call John at 315-706-3283.