By the end of 2012, you may no longer be able to buy compact discs except at resale shops or yard sales. According to Side Line Music Magazine, most record labels will stop making CD's by the end of the year, some sooner than that.

Compact Discs have been the dominant music format since the mid-1980's, but in recent years downloads have dominated music sales. In fact, Apple has been North America's biggest music retailer for more than three years and they sell only digital downloads.

Most record stores have gone out of business, and it won't be long before electronics manufacturers will cease to produce CD players.

It appears that most people prefer to listen to music that they can download or stream to an iPod, tablet of laptop. From the record company's perspective, it's cheaper to sell digital music because they don't have to spend anything on shipping, manufacturing or promotion.

So apparently, it' so long Cd's. At least we still have RADIO!