If you are going to shop on Thanksgiving and Black Friday to stretch your holiday budget, here are sales ads from a lot of your favorite retailers that have leaked early.

Some mourn the loss of a traditional Thanksgiving spent with food, friends and family, but others welcome the chance to maximize the buying power of their holiday budget with Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals, and that's why more and more retailers are revealing that they will be open on Thanksgiving this year. K-Mart has announced plans to open at 6am on Thanksgiving day this year. Old Navy stores will open their doors at 9am and will close briefly at 4pm, then re-open at 7pm. Michael's will open at 4pm this year and Toys-R-Us has announced that they will open at 5pm. Walmart said yesterday that they will open at 6pm on Thanksgiving, along with Best Buy. Target, Kohl's, Staples, Sears, Macy's and J.C. Penney will open at 8pm on Thanksgiving.

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