BREAKING NEWS: The Vatican Reveals The New Pope
White smoke was seen coming from the Sistine Chapel, meaning that the Catholic Church has a new pope.  Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio is now the 266th pope in the Roman Catholic Church and was revealed to the world around 3:20pm (ET).  The cardinal who has taken the name Francis replaces Pope Be…
Kwame Kilpatrick Dances To The 80s [VIDEO]
After being involved in a five-month trial over his alleged corruption while in office, former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been stuck with a soiled reputation. Now there are allegations that Detroiters were brainwashed to hate him. There is even a video game that bears his name. So how does s…
Women In Combat Roles For America Soon? For Real?
I still find this hard to believe. It may soon be possible that women in the armed forces could be moved into roles of combat, even on the front lines of a battle.The Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is expected to make that announcement today.

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