The Funniest Fiscal Cliff Memes
Hey, did you hear the good news? We managed to avoid soaring headlong off the fiscal cliff yesterday. Granted, the House pulled the plug on a bill providing emergency aid to people whose lives were destroyed by Superstorm Sandy to do it. But they did it. Hooray!(?)
A ‘Pizza Song’ Commercial To Brighten Your Day
Do you need a good laugh after all the adrenaline of this election day. Enjoy this video clip from comedian Vincent Gargiulo's film 'KNFR From 7:00 - 7:30.' There haven't been many songs written about pizza, but this one is awesome and could get you dancing...
Obama’s Acceptance Speech From Last Night’s Election
Last night Barack Obama was re-elected as President of the United States, defeating Republican challenger, Mitt Romney. The President collected 303 electoral votes (270 votes are needed for the presidency). Below is a transcript of the President's speech given in Chicago, Ill...

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