Ski Slopes Open in Eastern Minnesota
Two weeks ago, people were enjoying the water slide at Wild Mountain Ski & Snowboard Area in Taylor's Falls, Minnesota.  Yesterday, they opened the ski and snowboard slopes.
How are You Celebrating Squirrel Awareness Month?
October is Squirrel Awareness Month.  Really.  Here in the state of Michigan we have plenty of squirrels.  If you have a bird feeder, you are probably aware that a couple of squirrels can Hoover up $20 worth of bird seed quicker than a politician can tell a lie.
Harvest Time For Cars 108 Garden
The weather didn't do much to help the Cars 108 Garden this year.  Lots of 90+ degree weather and very little in the way of rain led to a disappointing harvest.  We didn't find Jimmy Hoffa either.
Archery Deer Hunting Starts Monday in Michigan
If your spouse or friends have been missing in action lately, it's probably because they have been busy putting up their tree stand or scouting out a good spot to put one.  Bow season starts Monday, October 1st in Michigan.
Learn About Edible Berries and Plants Saturday at For Mar
Ever find yourself walking through the woods and finding some delicious looking berries and wondered if you should eat some or not?  For-Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum offers a program on Saturday, September 29th that can help you answer that question.

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