Most Genesee County Beaches Open for Labor Day Weekend
With good weather forecasted for the Labor Day holiday weekend, and gas prices north of $4 at most stations, a lot of folks are sticking close to home.  There are plenty of places locally to bar-b-que, swim, hike, bike and have as much fun as the folks heading "up north."
Look! Up in the Sky..it’s a Blue Moon!
You've heard the old expression, "once in a blue moon," but most folks don't know exactly what that means other than something that doesn't happen often.  Tonight, we will be treated to a rare blue moon.
West Nile Virus Precautions to Take For Labor Day Weekend
As a lot of us will spend a considerable time outdoors this Labor Day weekend, the Michigan Department of Community Health, DNR, Agricultural and Rural Development and Michigan State University want to remind people that the West Nile Virus has and continues to be a very real threat in our state.  U…
Do You Hunt or Fish? – Survey
I grew up going hunting every fall with my dad. Primarily, we pursued small game, rabbits or pheasants. I never really was all that interested in hunting, I just did it to hang with my dad. Now, fishing on the other hand was something I loved to do, and because we lived at the lake during the summer…
Motorcycle Deer Crash Caught On Helmet Cam [VIDEO]
To begin with, both the bike rider and the deer walked away from the accident. If you have ever hit a deer, or even have come close to hitting one, this video will get you out of your seat. The terrifying accident happened during a motorcycle road rally in West Virginia. Check out the unbelievable f…

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