Six Ways To Save More and Spend Less in 2013 – #5
Take Advantage of Credit Card Offers
Many financial gurus advise against using plastic, and insist that cash is king. I disagree.
Search the web for rewards cards that have introductory bonus offers. You'll have to spend a certain amount within a specific time period, but that's fairly easy …
Six Ways To Save More and Spend Less in 2013 – #2
Transfer Prescriptions
Rite-Aid, Meijer, Kroger, Target, and Walgreens frequently offer incentives for transferring prescriptions to their pharmacy. Often the incentive can be greater than the co-pay.
Meijer also offers free generic substitutes for certain medications like prenatal vitamins, diabetes …
Cars 108 Hands Out $10,000 in Cash!
At Cars 108, we love to give things away. Everything from CDs and DVDs, to concerts and vacations. But of all the stuff we give away, there's one thing we like handing out more than anything else... CA$H!!!
Check Out This Floor Made Entirely Of Pennies [Video]
When you think of flooring options, what comes to mind? Carpet, tile, hardwood, maybe a nice laminate. United States currency probably wouldn't be top of mind, unless you are Mel Angst, and you wanted a creative and unique way to cover the floor boards of your new business. Follow the link afte…
Find ‘Bigfoot’ – Win $10 Million!
How many "Bigfoot" searches have you seen on TV? In the very best of them you get a grainy, distant shot of what might be Bigfoot. Maybe the search just got more important to a whole new group. It has been reported that Spike TV is going to be offering $10 million to the first pers…

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