Check Out This Floor Made Entirely Of Pennies [Video]
When you think of flooring options, what comes to mind? Carpet, tile, hardwood, maybe a nice laminate. United States currency probably wouldn't be top of mind, unless you are Mel Angst, and you wanted a creative and unique way to cover the floor boards of your new business. Follow the link afte…
Find ‘Bigfoot’ – Win $10 Million!
How many "Bigfoot" searches have you seen on TV? In the very best of them you get a grainy, distant shot of what might be Bigfoot. Maybe the search just got more important to a whole new group. It has been reported that Spike TV is going to be offering $10 million to the first pers…
Gas Prices Keep Falling in Flint
Driving around the Flint area today, I noticed the price of gasoline has fallen below $3.30 in many places.  The lowest price I personally witnessed was $3.27.
Toys R Us Add Price-Matching Guarantee and Layaway For Christmas
When time get tough, offer the lowest prices to win! That's the new approach from Toys R Us and Babies R Us this holiday season. To get the lowest prices guaranteed though, the store to be willing to  match the prices of the competition. The new price-match guarantee that comes out this ye…

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