A Romantic Anniversary Poem [AUDIO]
My wife and I celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary today.  I decided to write her a heart-felt poem as a gift.  She didn't know anything about it until I read it to her on the air this morning while she was driving to work.
Listen to the poem after the jump!
Workday 108 Trivia, 8-4-11
In her lifetime, an average woman will spend 40 days doing this for a man. A man, on the other hand will only spend 16.6 days doing it for himself. What?
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Spiffy – Workday 108 Trivia, 8-2-11
Over half of all men under 30 do not own one of these. What is it?
Read more to hear the answer - then use that answer to Claim your Cars 108 Passenger Rewards, and get closer to winning great gifts online!
Ick, a Stubborn One – Workday 108 Trivia, 8-1-11 [VIDEO]
According to a recent survey, almost 20% of drivers admit that they've almost gotten into an accident, because of this. What?
Read more to hear the answer. And that answer is good for some Cars 108 Passenger Rewards points, which will put you closer to winning great prizes like iPads, Kindles, g…

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