Here's an extra-credit assignment my boys brought home this weekend. We figured out all but two of them -- See how well you do. (And if you know the answers to the other two, we'll be eternally grateful!)

Take a look at the clues, and figure out the cities. For instance "To wander around" is "Rome."

  1. To wander around -
  2. Musical zits -
  3. Looks through a window -
  4. Type of construction paper used in grade school -
  5. Helen of Troy's boyfriend -
  6. A cow covered with fungus -
  7. A type of bean -
  8. After a 'sigh' passes -
  9. The kin of a famous ape -
  10. What you shouldn't do to your father during hunting season -
  11. A type of steak -
  12. The grand opening of a sandwich shop -
  13. When someone bothers a Buddha -
  14. When you cut a war in half -
  15. Town of ham -
  16. A speedy bell -
  17. A kind of cream cheese -
  18. When 'O' is in no hurry -
  19. What you throw over your van to keep it dry -
  20. A very fragile cow -

Want the answers? Click here.

How well did you do?

- George McIntyre
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