First layoffs and now the elimination of buses could be happening in the Monstrose School District. ABC-12 reports that the district already planned to layoff 28 teachers last month, but now they're laying off another 17 and may need to cut busing to save the district money. 

This is not looking good for the district or for parents. Some parents, including Nicole Coxon have said they don't know what they'll do if busing does go away:

'"My kids have no way to get to school, so it's either I home school them or they don't go. I believe Clio picks up near our house, so I may have to take them to a new school.'"

Even if this becomes a reality, the district says they'll still be short in the budget. Another sad situation of a district not having enough money to be able to pay for busing. Everyone loses in this situation - teachers, students, parents. Unfortunately, they are not the only school district struggling right now.