She was a little cold but OK. Nobody was waiting for her by the driveway. She was let off the bus anyway.

Maddie Addison was dropped off at her home, but she was supposed to be dropped off at the babysitters house. Being dropped off at her home would have been alright had there been someone home.

Five-year old Maddie was stranded outside of her mother's Burton home, in the cold, alone, for more than an hour. She spent the time coloring pictures of her family members in her coloring book.

Maddie's mom made arrangements for her daughter to be dropped off at the sitters house. The sitter said she saw the bus just pass by. That sounded the alarm for the sitter. So the babysitter drove up to Atherton Elementary School to see if Maddie possibly missed the bus.  She wasn't there.  The babysitter eventually found Maddie at home sitting on the porch.

How was she? She was pretty cold but otherwise OK. Atherton school officials told her the district doesn't have a policy requiring an adult to be outside when their child is dropped off. I think the district should revisit the policy.

Poor little girl I feel sorry for her and I don't even know her. Brave little girl.