A Flint boy is in serious condition, after being hit by a vehicle while out at a drag race late Friday night. According to NBC25, the boy's dad took him to the race and he got hit on the same road where the races were going on. Illegal drag racing goes on all the time, but now the issue has turned into people saying the boy's father should be charged for bringing him to the race. The community seems to be split on this incident. Antrawan Johnson is a Flint resident who thinks racing is a good thing for the community:

'"It's taking away from criminal activities. All races, multi-races, blacks, whites, Mexicans, its helping us. The only thing I would say is organize it a little more.'"

While residents like Johnson thinks drag racing is a good thing, others would disagree, including Rayshawn Southall:

'"It's dangerous. People get to drinking, and then they drive real fast. Certain kids out there shouldn't even be out that late.'"

Parents should not bring their young kids to drag races, but should police charge the dad for his son getting hit? Is it the dad's fault for bringing him? Do you think drag racing keeps people out of trouble?