Watching this video you see an innocent looking  dog moving from person to person collecting money in the pail he carries. Everyone thought the dog was so cute and thus, donations were put in the pail. The dog's owner on the other hand ended up in a heap of trouble.

The dog in the video is named Chocolate and his owner is a homeless man named Noe Boo. Noe trained the dog to beg and as the video tells you, it worked pretty well.  Chocolate’s talents won the sympathy of people’s hearts, and it got them to open up their wallets.

Boo was arrested on Miami Beach a few days after the video went viral by an officer who saw the owner punching, kicking and dragging Chocolate behind his bicycle. Boo was charged with animal cruelty and Chocolate was then placed in an animal shelter. Some reports stated he would have to be put down if a new owner was not found, but word has it Chocolate found a new home.