Halloween is supposed to be a little scary, (Find your community's designated trick-or-treat hours here) but before the kids head out, it might be a good idea to check the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry (MPSOR) website to see if your neighborhood presents any hidden dangers.

Every parent's top priority is keeping kids safe.

The MPSOR is intended to help monitor the whereabouts of known sex offenders who have been convicted of a qualifying sex crime. Enter an address, and the site will display all known sex offenders within a one-mile radius. You can also sign up for email alerts, in order to be notified when a registered sex offender moves into your neighborhood.

The image above indicates that there are six people on the MPSOR list living within a one-mile radius of our broadcast facility here on Bristol Rd. in Burton.

Follow this link to access the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry.

- George McIntyre
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