What are schools obligated to do if a student's parent is a sex offender? The answer is nothing.

That's the question a parent of an elementary school student in Saginaw Township asked the district. A woman says she recently learned that the parent of another student is a convicted sex offender and now she wonders why other parents weren't notified.

The district made no comment on if they knew the parent was a sex offender but they did explain the many procedures the district has in place to protect the well-being of students.

Michigan State police say convicted sex offenders are banned from loitering on school grounds, even if they are parents of a student who attends the school. They can drop off their kids, but they have to leave immediately.

School districts typically do not have a system in place to find out if parents are sex offenders so they suggest checking yourself on the state's database. Many districts say they would NOT notify parents in order to protect the privacy of the child. Even though the sex offender registry is public, the district says the registry does not identify sex offenders' children's names.