You've seen the 'As seen on TV' section at your local Walgreen drug store. You have most likely see the logo somewhere and there is a good chance you have purchased some of the products. Did you know some are made here in mid-Michigan?The 'As Seen on TV line, is a worldwide, multi-billion dollar brand. And a big surprise many of those quirky products are created, made, packaged and shipped out across the globe by Wow Products USA - based in Caro, Michigan. My home town.

They make the ' Twisty Clip' at Wow Products USA . They are pumping out about 150,000 of these a day. Another hot As Seen on TV item made in Mid-Michigan is the 'Chop'N'Serve', along with the 'Tread Ahead'. As for Wow's biggest holiday seller, it was the Booty Slide. Due to specific manufacturing requirements, it was actually made in China, but still assembled, packaged, and shipped out of Caro.

Wow plans to pump out a new As Seen on TV product every month. They expect business to increase by close to 400 percent this year, and the best part  that could mean more jobs down the road. Look what you learned this morning.