A shooting took place over the weekend in Tucson, Arizona, killing six people and critically wounding 14 others, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The shooter, Jared Loughner, is in federal custody and faces several charges, including the attempted assassination of a member of congress.  Loughner will appear in court this afternoon.  According to MSNBC:

Investigators said they carried out a search warrant at suspect Jared Loughner's Tucson home and seized an envelope from a safe with messages such as "I planned ahead," "My assassination" and the name "Giffords" next to what appears to be the man's signature.  He allegedly purchased the Glock pistol used in the attack in November at Sportsman's Warehouse in Tucson.

This is such a sad incident and what's worse is the nine-year-old girl who was killed was born on September 11, 2001, and had an interest in politics.  Authorities are trying to figure out why Loughner would commit this horrible crime and a neighbor of Loughner say he was always a loner.

Giffords remains in critical condition and a medically-induced coma.   President Obama has called for a moment of silence at 11 a.m. today and legislative activity in the U.S. House has been postponed this week.  Below, you can listen to the montage of witnesses and police recalling the shooting.