What do women see when they look in the mirror? Do they see the strength, beauty and life experiences or do they see just their flaws? Are they fair judges of their own reflections? In a revealing social experiment for their new ad campaign, Dove says women are way too hard on themselves.

The slogan for the new Dove campaign is "you are more beautiful than you think" and the new ad has generated more than 7 million views on Youtube.

The premise of the ad is revealing. An FBI trained sketch artist is asked to draw a woman's face....twice. One sketch as she describes herself, the other drawn as a complete stranger describes her. The sketch that portrays the stranger's description was always more flattering, which proves something that most women have already figured out. We are our own worst critic.



Were you surprised by what you saw in the new Dove ad? Why do you think women are their own worst critics? Do men suffer from the same self-image problems?