'American Idol' is on tonight and it's down to the final four. Even though the show hasn't started, Let's make some early predictions.

Scotty, Haley, James and Lauren will be singing songs from Jerry Lieber and Mike Stroller. Scotty still has the strongest voice and will most likely win, but he's still going to sing some slow ballad tonight. He still needs to work the stage because he doesn't look comfortable up there.

Lauren and Haley will get through their songs and the judges will say how amazing they were and tell them as Randy says "You're in it to win it." I used to like James but he doesn't seem to have that rock feel anymore. It's more shouting and sounds off key.

Several people have said they are ready for this season to be over with. It's been pretty boring and predictable, so I don't know what else they can do to make it better again. Perhaps it's time to end the show? Do you think Scotty will win? Are you done watching 'Idol?' If you miss it tonight, we'll have a recap in the morning.