Out of the mouths of babes comes a comment that has ABC apologizing for a 6-year-old's comment that aired on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' recently. When asked how the US could retire its $1.3 trillion debt to China, the boy said, "Kill everyone in China."

It happened during an unscripted skit called 'Kids Table' in which children tackle present-day news topics. ABC says it will delete the segment from future airings, and pull it from online platforms, but you can see the video below. (Until that gets pulled)

Is this really worth getting upset about? It was an innocent (albeit tasteless) comment made by a child. Sure, it would be a different story if Robin Roberts or President Obama had said it, but this was an impromptu comment made by a child on a COMEDY SHOW.

ABC's full statement is after the video. Take a look, and feel free to share your thoughts below.

“We offer our sincere apology,” ABC said. “We would never purposefully broadcast anything to upset the Chinese community, Asian community, anyone of Chinese descent or any community at large. Our objective is to entertain. We took swift action to minimize the distribution of the skit by removing it from all public platforms available to us and editing it out of any future airings of the show. We hope our actions and our apology effectively address your concerns. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

- George McIntyre
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