We all know gas prices keep increasing and they've actually jumped to $4.29 for regular. At this point, that seems really cheap, compared to what some of the rental car companies at airport are charging.

According to ABC-12, if someone brings back a car on empty, it could cost them$7-$9 for a gallon of gas.  Resident Becky Hauri is planning to rent a car at the airport to drive to Midland:

'"I had no idea it's as expensive as you're saying. Paying $9 instead of $4 - that's highway robbery.'"

Bridget Davis also plans to rent a car:

'"I think it's crazy. I read about it in the paper on my flight. I had make sure I had the gas option to fill it up. I didn't want to have to pay the 7, 8, $9.'"

The simple solution is to make sure you have enough time to fill the car back up and some rental companies even offer pre-pay solutions so you wouldn't have to worry about it. Either way, it's ridiculous how these rental companies can get away with it. What do you think?