Doug Hutchison, who's appeared in "The Green Mile," "Lost," and "The X Files," recently married a 16-year-old country wanna be star. For those of you that find this very disturbing, her parents actually approved the marriage and say Doug's a great guy. I thought I misread the story when I came across it this morning, but yes it is true. "US Magazine" says the couple wants to show people that love is ageless and they just want to get the word out there. I'm actually surprised her parents would be fine with this, unless they think Doug can make their daughter famous.

To be honest, I didn't realize who Doug Hutchison was, but it's quite disturbing he would marry a 16-year-old. What's wrong with this picture? And since he's not an A-lister, why would she agree to marry him? Besides the fact that they think this will help both of their careers. Talk about totally creepy.