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via Pat & AJ

We get it, and so can our pets. Here's how you can help.

Okay, so maybe I'm extra-sensitive to my pets. We're a one-child household, but we have two dogs and a cat. So naturally, they're part of my tribe.

I love walking our 10-year-old dog. It's good for me, it's good for her. But DANG is it cold out this year. I watched her slip-and-slide on the ice yesterday and was reminded of why it's hard to get the pets outside this time of the year.

But, I've noticed that on days where she DOESN'T get a walk, she sleeps more and is visibly bummed out. Signs that your pet may be affected by S.A.D. are:

  • lethargy, sleeping more than normal
  • chewing
  • barking
  • licking paws
  • reduced appetite

So, what can we do for our fur babies? The same thing we do for ourselves - artificial light. Depending on the size, 30-45 minutes per day is recommended.

Stimulation will help, too. Treat puzzles or brain games are great. Vitamin D supplements are good, too.

One of the best remedies, though, is to bundle up and get your animal OUTSIDE until it's just too cold for their little paws. I know it's hard, but it's good for US, too.


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