Play along with Cars 108's Workday 108 Trivia each Weekday at 3 pm. This week's winners scored family-four packs of tickets to the Clarissa Shields Fight at LCA on July 27.


According to a survey of adults, about 2% of us put ketchup on this. What is it?

Pancakes. Congratulations to today's winner, Santos Gonzalez from Flint.


Researchers say doing this after the age of 80 will help increase your longevity even more. What is it?

Getting a job. Congratulations to today's winner, Lisa Degayner from Durand.


Fill in the blank:  The average American says he or she would drive 30 miles for a good _________.

Cheeseburger. Congratulations to today's winner, Mike McCoy from Linden.


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