Tracy Warshal paid it forward at Christmastime last year, when a man in line behind her had forgotten his wallet. The Smyrna, Georgia woman thought nothing of paying $7 for his groceries. He asked for her name, she gave him her first name, and wished him a Merry Christmas.

What happened a few weeks later, however, came as quite a surprise.

Warshal, who works at the Piedmont Cancer Institute was visited by two men from the Piedmont Foundation. The man she helped -- using only her first name and the name of her employer on her shirt -- tracked her down, and made a $10,000 donation to the Piedmont Foundation in her name.

Tracy has not met the man, or had any contact with the donor, who chose to remain anonymous.

“I would like to give him a hug and say 'thank you,'” Warshal tells ABC News.