Do you need another reason not to use a public restroom....EVER?

Here it is.

We've all been taught since childhood that public restrooms are dirty, nasty places, but can you imagine being trapped on a toilet seat because someone super glued it as a prank?

A 40 year-old woman was shopping at her neighborhood Home Depot just before Thanksgiving when she had the need to use their public restroom. When she went to get up from the toilet seat, she couldn't move. Someone had super glued all of the seats in the restroom, apparently as a prank. It took 25 minutes for someone to find her, and when paramedics finally arrived they used WD-40 to break away her skin from the seat while gawkers watched.

Investigators are still trying to figure out who the prankster is, but the victim wants everyone to know that this wasn't funny. She is still in a considerable amount of pain and says that she is humiliated as well. More in the video below.

There is an update to this investigation. Authorities are saying now that the woman may have glued herself to the seat. There is no surveillance footage that shows anyone but her entering the restroom, and a bottle of construction grade glue was recovered in the room as well.

If that is the case, maybe she got the idea from here.

Which idea is worse....the idea that someone would do this as a prank, or the idea that someone would do this to themselves to create a bogus lawsuit?