Ugly Holiday sweaters, I love 'em. I hope you love mine!

When I walked out of my bedroom this morning, the little man asked, "I thought you were only going to wear THAT on Christmas?", all while shooting me a very disapproving look. I told him that my company holiday party is tonight, so I thought I would pop it on for the day. I asked him if he liked it, and well, he rolled his eyes and continued to eat his toaster strudel. It's fashion, kid, look it up!

I absolutely love getting shirts that have weird sayings or photos on them, it's pretty much my whole wardrobe. But, I absolutely look forward to this time of year when wearing crazy ugly sweaters is somewhat fashionable. I like to see people, who I would consider pretty "straight laced", let their freak flag fly sporting outlandish sweaters and shirts covered in glitter and outrageous graphics. It's all about creativity, kitch, and fun. All of my favorite things rolled into one!

So, what do you think? Do you participate in this fun or are you a Scrooge?