Brought to you by Key-Lore Pet Rest Gardens and Doggie Daycare in Flushing!

So. Many. Disney jokes.

Nemo is a four-year-old tabby cat. He's super friendly (don't let his shyness in the video fool you!) and loves to be around people. He's available at the Humane Society of Genesee County right meow - call them for a meet-and-greet: 810-744-0511.

And what's better than just ONE cat? How about TWO?! The HSGC is doing a BOGO special on the cats in Kitty City and Tabby Town - $50 for one cat or $75 for TWO! Trust us - we're a two-cat household and there's nothing more entertaining than two cats.

Somebody come get Nemo and then get another cat and name it Dorie!

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