We've all made jokes about feeling like a hamster on a wheel, or about walking to school, in knee deep snow, uphill both ways, but nothing tops this poor guy! Watch this  Japanese businessman try to make his way up the 'down' escalator. I'm thinking that he might be 'under the influence'! See what you think when you watch the video after the jump.

The video footage shows the poor man trying to make his way up, against the crowd, on the 'down' escalator for about two minutes while traveling on the London Underground. Fellow commuters try to help him, but they are ignored. Someone finally pressed an emergency stop button and got him pointed in the right direction. The whole thing was caught on camera by Sam Napper, 27, from London. "At first I thought he was playing silly buggers with a few of his FX Trader mates," Sam said, "but when we saw his dogged stagger and realised he was alone, I knew we were about to witness something truly brilliant."

Have you ever lost your way or done something "truly brilliant" while under the influence?