If you have ever wanted to turn onto Lapeer from Gale in Davison, you are dancing in your car right now in full celebration of this announcement.

ABC12 is reporting that there will finally be a new traffic signal on the highly frustrating intersection of Lapeer and Gale Roads in Davison. Most of Davison already knows that if you are stuck at that intersection trying to turn, you will be there for quite a while trying desperately to get to where you are going on time. Also compounded by the very popular Lake Callis, dog park, and Farmer's Market in the area along with new homes popping up, the signal will be put in place to alleviate the congestion by June.

I know I am int he majority here, that I look forward to having this light. I am looking forward to easily turning onto Lapeer without having to yell, "Mama's comin'! Hold on tight!". You know, I might just do that anyway.

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