Karl Kissner of Defiance, Ohio was searching his grandfather's attic when he stumbled upon a dusty box under a dollhouse; what he found could make him a rich man.

Kissner uncovered the box and found hundreds of baseball cards tied up in twine -- what he didn't realize is they could make him millions -- up to $3 million to be exact.

Names that really lit up his eyes were Hall of Famer's Ty Cobb, Cy Young and Honus Wagner.

Kissner found out later that these little pieces of 'paper' were from an extremely rare edition released in 1910, not only was this a rare find, these cards were in pristine condition.

According to HuffPost, 'The best of the bunch - 37 of the 700 or so cards - are expected to bring a total of $500,000 when they are sold at auction in August.'