When "Star Wars: Episode III" came out, I went with a bunch of friends to the midnight showing. My wife and I weren't married yet, and I figured dragging her to the show would test her ability to put up with my inner geek.

When the movie was over, she said she couldn't wait to see what happens next.  Then I told her that what she just watched was the last of the prequels, and that the next three episodes were done already!  That turned into a weekend movie marathon.   So, needless to say, I turned her in to somewhat of a sci-fi geek too!

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When the 2009 reboot of "Star Trek" came out, she was absolutely on board to go and see it with me. Unlike watching "Star Wars" for the first time knowing virtually nothing, she had somewhat of an idea about this movie's back story since I watch "The Next Generation" almost every day. She is excited as I am to watch the new Trek film "Into Darkness" as much as I am. Check out the newly released trailer here!