Not like the NY Post is a credible source anyways, but this was still a cheap shot.

Why you gotta hate on our pizza?

A pizza place in Brooklyn is now serving Michigan's version of pizza, and New Yorkers aren't wasting any time to trash it.The ever-so credible, always snarky New York Post just published a story, calling Detroit-style pizza the new "hipster horror."

“No, Detroit pizza isn’t topped with bullets,” blubber its fans to Big Apple traditionalists. Hmm: Let’s hope the dough’s not made with Flint River water.

Seems a bit harsh, doesn't it?

News flash, New York - you think you're the greatest at everything, and you're not. We're all good at some things, but you're NOT good at pizza. Detroit is good at pizza. Chicago is good at pizza. You are NOT. And to take a jab at our water situation in a piece about pizza is cheap.

In fact, I'm gonna come to your city and eat your crummy pizza with a fork and knife. So there!


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