The Toys We Had To Have When We Were Kids [VIDEO]
These are the toys you made your parents buy for you. Perhaps you stood in line to buy some of these for your kids. Huge bucks were shelled out for the stuff all in the name of fun. Where is all that stuff now? See the toys after the jump.
Watch And Listen As Riley Explains Marketing [VIDEO]
Sometimes when you listen to little kids explain adult things they seem to get it. It's just that they can't quite figure out how to explain it so it makes sense. Riley is going to explain in just over one-minute why manufacturers market toys the way they do.
Very cute, check it out after t…
Just In Time For Christmas Another Doll That Swears [VIDEO]
A baby doll that's on store shelves could be swearing at your kids. I think in this case you have to really listen closely to hear it. It's a little harder to understand because it's in baby talk. Give it a listen, remember to use your imagination because I believe these people are.

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